About Our Labs

High quality laboratory services at your service

Our labs provide ongoing production quality control as well as product development services. These capabilities provide our customers a level of service and peace of mind that is second to none. Put us to work for you and let our competent staff show you just what we are capable of.



Because we understand the needs and demands of the private label customer. We have built our business around meeting the unique needs of the private label customer and as a result we are flexable enough to provide services to match these needs. 



The labs at Mill-Chem Manufacturing hold true to the old principal of WIN-WIN. We truly believe that when our customers are successful, we become successful and we back this belief with all the resources at our disposal.



Simple...To meet the needs of our customers.
It might sound cliche but the truth of the matter is without this simple principle we can not survive. This is the linch pin of our success and we are dedicated to this mission.

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Ron Trivette

The labs at Mill-Chem were instrumental in the successful rollout of our new product line. Don't know what we would have done without them.

Mill-Chem Manufacturing has proven to be a vital ingredient to our success. They have worked closely with our team and we consider them valuable partners in our venture.

Laboratory capabilities

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Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Control Specialist