Production overview

About production capabilities


Mill-Chem Manufacturing is uniquely suited to the private label enviroment. Our 25 years of experience in this field quallifies us to meet the needs of our valued customers. Our goal is to provide our customers and potential clients with a high quality vendor with whom they can entrust the manufacturing of their product. We provide:




We have invested heavily in our blending operation and as a result we have equipment that can meet almost any need. We pride ourselves on being able to produce consistent results repeatedly so that our customers can rest easy.




Our investment in our production is evident in our upgraded filling capacity. At Mill-Chem Manufacturing we have 6 filling lines that are capable of processing sizes ranging from 1oz bottles to 5 gallon pails. To meet your needs we have both inline and rotary filling machines.


Warehousing & kitting

Accurate inventory management

To be able to deliver customers product on time consistently it is imperative that inventory be maintained accurately. We have invested heavily in our ability to track and handle inventory because our customers depend on us. Our electronic inventory control system provides bin tracking and complete lot control throughout our process. 

Kitting and quarter pallet preparation

As part of our ongoing committment to meet the needs of our customer base Mill-Chem has developed the capability to provide custom kitting and quarter pallet preparation specifically to provide streamlining of services to our customers that service the retail industry. The addition of these services provides our customers with 1 stop shopping and further reduces cost by removing expensive transportation cost and additional overhead.



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